ICC and COVID-19

We want to inform all our customers, friends and visitors to our website, that we are operating as usual, within the restrictions adopted by governments in the face of the health emergency generated by COVID-19.

We have been able not just keeping our ongoing projects on track but also to successfully initiate and complete consultancies during this period. Our consultants are well prepared and used to work remotely, with the support and coordination from our headquarters in the United States. Likewise, we maintain regular contact with our customers, using the appropriate channels.

As a gesture of support to our esteemed friends, colleagues and executives at the region’s financial supervisory and regulatory authorities, we prepared a series of newsletters, Spanish only, summarizing the regulatory responses that governments and financial authorities outside the Americas implemented in the context of the health emergency.

You can download those newsletters here. Also, the Association of Bank Supervisors of the Americas have included our newsletters in the ‘Recommended readings Covid-19’ section at their website.

International Consulting Consortium, Inc. (ICC) is an independent consulting firm. Our head office is located in the city of Hollywood, Florida.

We provide consulting services in the areas of legislation, regulation, and supervision of financial markets (banking, insurance, capital markets, insurance and pension funds) including non-bank institutions specialized in microfinance, as well as deposit insurance.