Financial institutions crisis management and resolution

  • Banks
  • Credit unions – Savings and Loans Cooperatives

For years, our consultants have worked on the management of financial institutions crisis. In particular, they have managed banking crises and processes of financial consolidation including bank closures, mergers, and acquisitions. They have led changes to the bank resolution legal framework to provide supervisory agencies with adequate powers and tools to address banking problems, avoid systemic risks while controlling for moral hazard, and apply a strategy oriented to minimize costs for depositors and tax payers. They have also coordinated mechanisms between different agencies to facilitate the resolution of banking problems and to ensure the correction of weaknesses in the supervisory and regulatory framework in order to reduce the risks of future crises. To improve the handling of banks in liquidation, they have designed a policy draft allowing for a rapid, transparent, and clean liquidation process.
ICC has participated in these activities in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.