Digital Financial Services

We are providing technical assistance to different financial authorities, individually and international associations, in defining the appropriate policy approach to technological innovations in financial markets. Our experts have hands-on experience in guiding regulators in revising the regulatory frameworks to cater for new players, new products, services and business models, and new distribution channels, including novel procedures such as sandboxes and special licenses. Also, we have integrated advances in FinTech into financial inclusion strategies in order to maximize the reach and suitability of inclusion-oriented financial products.

Recent projects

Regional – The Americas
Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas – Inter-American Development Bank

ICC carried out a study on the regulation of financial innovations. We identified the existing gaps in the  regulation of FinTech products, services and business model in the region, in relation to the most innovative jurisdictions. Also we analysed the risks arising from the introductions of such products and services in the region, with a particular emphasis on market conduct issues. Finally, ICC described the opportunities for regulators from these technological innovations.