Best Practices

The Inter-American Development Bank chose our firm to design a Manual of Microfinance Regulation and Supervision, sponsored by the Association of Bank Supervisors of the Americas. It was published in 2003 and provides a standard framework for the regulation and supervision of microfinance. It covers simple topics such as the definition of microentrepreneur and microcredit, which has been found to differ significantly across the continent, as well as admittedly complex topics such as the institutional frameworks for microfinance operations (corporations, credit unions and other specialized charters) and their respective prudential regimes. The project includes country specific case studies in Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru and a survey of 22 countries from North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. The manual can be found on the following links:  Spanish version  English version.

In 2010, the Association of Bank Supervisors of the Americas once again chose our firm to prepare a document on Best Practices in Microfinance, based on current literature and a member-wide survey. Along with the final document, we also prepared a detailed review of the degree of convergence of every surveyed country with Best Practices. The public document can be accessed here (Spanish).