Savings and Loans Cooperatives – Credit Unions

  • Diagnostic
  • Prudential regulation
  • Risk-based Supervision

Our experts have delivered performance diagnostics of saving and loans cooperatives’ financial condition, legal framework and their supervision. Careful attention has been given to its compatibility with generally accepted supervision guidelines, in attendance to cooperative principles. More importantly, careful attention has been given regarding its use as a tool to promote the expansion of financial services to rural areas. Our consultants have produced draft legislation, procedures and regulations. We have participated in the preparation of special legislation that allowed the creation of cooperative supervision authorities. Furthermore, we have contributed to the strengthening of the supervisory framework of microfinance institutions, including providing supervisory handbooks and guided onsite examinations; peer review of external auditors reports; and solvency impact assessment of the incorporation of a microfinance program in a saving and loans cooperative. These activities have taken place in Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Tanzania.

ICC consultants have also been invited as lecturers at regional and international conferences, seminars and workshops, directed towards directors and managers of saving and loans cooperatives on diverse supervisory and regulation topics, including the introduction of Basle principles in the sector, in the following countries: Panama (1996, 1999, and 2000), Costa Rica (1997), Uruguay, (1998) and Brazil (1999).